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Rules of Level Up 2009 (English version)

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Contest Rules

Thе contest is opened for pairs of AMV makers, Pro+Novice. A team’s goal is to create a small AMV through joint efforts, with the assumption that Pro doesn’t do editing and does not work on effects but does what he/she can to support the Novice technically.

Novice’s duties include:

1) Project settings adjustment
2) Clips cutting
3) Editing
4) Making of effects
5) AMV encoding and making of preview

Pro’s duties include:

1) Thinking the AMV concept over together with Novice
2) Software using advice
3) Advice on effects making
4) Help in searhing for sources
5) Beta testing
6) Advice on video encoding
7) Video upload and filling in the site form

Supplementary rules:
1) If a group of Novices wants to be on the same team, they must register as a team. For example: Team (Alpha+Beta). In this case the final team will consist of several Novices and one Pro.
2) If a participant is a prize winner (in any category) of AMVNews, AKROSS or any other good known contests, he/she cannot register as Novice
3) A Pro can participate in several teams (but no more than 3)

Signing up for the contest

Teams will be formed as follows. First, we pool together all the contestants. Each one of them must choose a group he/she wants to join:
1) Novice group – can participate only as Novice
2) Pro group – can participate only as Pro
3) Unsure – leaves it to the contest organizers to decide what team to sign him/her into.

You can register in a special topic on forum.

Your wish to take part in the contest doesn’t bind you to anything, it’s just a preliminary list. The contest will be held only if the number of participants allows for making at least 10 teams. A final confirmation of attendance will follow later, after the 1st of August, when all participants are to be divided in teams.

Choosing a team

From the 1st till the 10th of August each participant of each group must send the organizers the list as follows:
1) Novices must send a list of 1-5 Pro group participants they wish to team with
2) Pros must send a list of 1-5 Novice or Unsure group participants they wish to team with
3) Unsure group contestants must send two lists of 1-5 items each, indicating the participants they want to team with as Pro and as Novice respectively

Teams will be formed based on the lists received. For the participants left without a team a second round of choice will be organized.

Prize fund:

The prize is to be divided in equal parts between the members of winning team:

1 place – (1500+1500) roubles + 2 diplomas
2 place – (1000+1000) roubles + 2 diplomas
3 place – (500+500) roubles + 2 diplomas

Video Requirements

Contest video can be made either of anime movies, anime series and Japanese videogames or of manga. Other footage is accepted only if it makes no more than 50% of the video. No restrictions on music styles. Videos premiered after September 15th, 2009 are eligible, as well as videos made specially for the contest. The contest video is eligible for participation in other contests. Each team is allowed to submit one video only. You must know exactly the title of anime/videogame used for your video, as well as the title of the music composition and the name of its performer.Unkown music and animes/videogames are not allowed. The length of contest video may not be less than 1 minute (without credits). AMV News or the contest title must be mentioned in the video, how exactly to mention is to the team’s choice. A line in credits should be enough.

A video won't be accepted, if:
1) There are significant compression artifacts.
2) Footage is of poor quality
3) TV resolution of full version is far too low (320х240 or 352х288)
4) There are hard subtitles or logos not justified by artistic intent.
5) Broken aspect ratio or interlace is visible in most parts of the video.
6) There are black bars on the top and bottom of the video (if those are not used in any way during the screening)
7) There are violations of Russian Federation legislation, in particular concerning the incitement of ethnic hatred.

Recommended: check out this article: “The catalogue of typical mistakes in AMV” (

Video Encoding:

Each contest entry must be submitted in two variants: full version and efficiently compressed preview version.
Video codecs allowed: Main: x264. Reserve: DivX, XviD
Audio codecs allowed: Main: AAC. Reserve: MP3, OGG
Containers allowed: Main: MP4, MKV (for full version). Reserve: AVI
It’s recommended to use AMVSimpleGUI, AMVSimpleGUI Unrestricted (for full version) or MeGUI to encode the AMV, see the following articles:
- Full version is to be compressed at the rate of no more than 25 MB per minute of the video. The limit can be extended if HD-footage is used.
- Previews version: file size at the rate of no more than 2,5 MB per minute; resolution width 320 or 480 pixels. X264+mp4 encoding with 240-350 kbps video bitrate is highly preferred!

Recommended: if you submit an HD-version of AMV, it is suggested to add a standart definition version as well.

How to enter your video:

1) Videos can be submitted from September 15th through October 15th only by Pro of a registered team. A Novice may add the video only in case that Pro had posted his/her approval via private message.
2) Files are to be uploaded either on a filehostnig service or on AMVNews FTP (you may use archive with password and indicate the password in the application form into the "Comment for administrator" field)
3) Fill in the application form located here: Choose “Level Up 2009” as one of the categories. Make sure there was a site message "Thank you, your video has been added successfully" after the upload. Here ( you can see whether your video was added to the list for moderatorial check.
Your AMV moderatorial check status will be posted in special topic. Then you’ll either wait yours turn to see the AMV on site or you’ll get a private message from administrator requesting to correct the deficiencies found during the check. If any questions arise, contact the administrator via private message.


There will be two rounds of voting via the on-line form on the site. All contestants of all teams take vote, as well as the members of a specially chosen jury. If a team’s contestants do not take vote, a small fine will be imposed on the team. Registration of jury members will start later in a special topic.

Nota bene

Contest organizers reserve the right to change the contest date, as well as to change/add some details owing to unforeseen circumstances.


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